Polyclad Hardwood

Traditionally, shutters were made of wood, but by combining hardwood with polyresin, we manufacture a high quality wood shutter that is durable and maintenance free. Every shutter is custom hand built with a hard wood core that is clad in a poly surface. The solid poplar wood has the strength of a wood shutter, but the polyclad surface is much more durable than wood. The combination delivers a traditional wood shutter that is elegant, strong and durable.

The polyclad surface will not peel, crack, scratch or discolour under the hot sun in your windows. It’s easy to clean and never needs to be repainted or replaced, making it the only maintenance free wood shutter you can buy today.Every shutter is built with hand picked poplar and European Baltic birch woods. The result is remarkable strength and durability in every panel.

The rails and stiles are joined using three two-inch hardwood dowels. This triple dowel joinery is only found in high quality furniture and ensures that panels never come apart. Instead of the staples used in most shutters, we use a patented Tilt Rod Hook design that twists and locks into each louvre. These hooks will never pull out of the louvers. All moving parts such as the louvers and tilt rods, are easily replaceable while the shutters are still in your window. Should the need ever arise, you wont have to send your shutters back to the factory for louvre or tilt repairs.

By using louvers with an air core, we created the best insulation and eliminated solid louvre warpage problems caused by the louvre weight, humidity and the hot sun.

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